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In 1982, the Feminist Caucus established its annual Humanist Heroine Award to recognize outstanding feminists for their significant contributions to the movement. The initial award was presented to Sonia Johnson. Some other Humanist Heroines over the years have included Tish Sommers, Christine Craft, Anne Nicole Gaylor, Patricia Maginnis, Fran Hosken, Cleo Kocol, Carolyn McDade, Sherry Matulis, and Sally Roesch Wagner. In 2017, the Humanist Heroine Award was renamed the "Feminist Humanist" Award.

Prior Feminist Humanist Award Recipients

1982    Sonia Johnson

1983    Tish Sommers

1984    Christine Craft

1985    Anne Nicol Gaylor

1986    Patricia Maginnis

1987    Fran P. Hosken

1988    Cleo Kocol

1989    Ann Simonton

1990    Carolyn McDade

1991    Sherry Matulis

1992    Sally Roesche Wagner

1993    Barbara Walker

1994    Kristin Lems

1995    Rosemary Matson

1996    Annette Van Howe

1997    Dottie Lamm

1998    Loretta J. Ross

1999    Lorrie Williams

2000    Molly Murphy MacGregor

2001    Diane Russell

2002    Samantha Smoot

2003    Kate Michelman

2004    Aileen Hernandez

2005    Amy Goodman

2006    Julia Sweeney

2007    Robin Morgan

2008    Eleanor Smeal

2009    Norma Ramos

2010    Meg Bowman, Annie Laurie Gaylor (co-recipients)

2011    Judy Norsigian

2012    Debra Sweet

2013    Katha Pollitt

2014    Jessica Valenti

2015    Jean Kilbourne

2016 Madea Benjamin

The Feminist Humanist Alliance is a national network of women, genderqueer and trans people committed to the principles of humanism and inclusive feminism. We strive for social progress through promoting critical consciousness and direct action.