Feminist Humanist Guidelines

Feminist Humanist Award Guidelines

Purpose : The Feminist Humanist Award is bestowed upon individuals who promote and advance the ideals of human rights and especially gender justice -- regionally or nationally, and sometimes globally -- using a non-theological approach.  It recognizes progress achieved in constructively moving away from abusive gender discrimination, dominant-subservient relationships, patriarchy, violence, belligerence, and oppression and moving toward more humane treatment, constructive inclusiveness, equal opportunity, fair play, partnership, and creative collaboration for the common good in virtually all settings.     
Criteria: We seek an individual who is well recognized and deserves still wider recognition for:
  • Advancing constructive societal deliberations about gender justice and human rights; and
  • Leading progress somehow in constructively moving away from violence and abuse, dominant-subservient relationships, patriarchy, belligerence, and oppression and  moving toward humane treatment, constructive inclusiveness, equal opportunity, fair play, partnership, and creative collaboration; and while
  • Promoting non-theistic approaches effectively for the greater good of humanity; and while
  • Distinguishing oneself within chosen field(s).
 Process and Timing Guidelines
  • We welcome suggestions of suitable nominees for this and other AHA awards in all seasons!
  • Complete nomination application is requested by about 15 months ahead of award date.
  • The FHA confers with AHA Board via the executive director and often selects a winner about 13 months ahead and usually no later than 11 months ahead of the bestowal.
  • AHA tries to firm up priority lists more than a year ahead, then approaches nominees for the
    various awards many months in advance in order to work with them.
  • The Feminist Humanist Award, along with others, is given at the AHA Annual Conference in the spring . 
Nomination Application Procedures:
Usually done by email with phone follow-up:
  • Provide Name; Descriptors/Roles/Titles/Fields; Contact Information for Nominee
  • Give any especially useful links to more information about the nominee
  • Outline Qualifications relative to Award Purpose and Criteria -Provide name, phone, email of nominator(s)
Submittals and Comments:
Please use our contact page to reach out to us if you're interested or a question about the Feminist Humanist Award.

The Feminist Humanist Alliance is a national network of women, genderqueer and trans people committed to the principles of humanism and inclusive feminism. We strive for social progress through promoting critical consciousness and direct action.