The Feminist Humanist Alliance of the American Humanist Association was established in 1977 as a coalition of both women and men within the AHA. The basic purpose was to work toward the advancement of women's rights and equality between the sexes in all aspects of society.

Originally called the "Women's Caucus," the name "Feminist Caucus" was adopted in 1982 as more representative of all the members of the caucus and of the caucus' goals. Read Cleo Fellers Kocol's brief history of the AHA Feminist Caucus.

Feminist Caucus (1982 - 2015)

The Feminist Caucus (FC) was mainly concerned with acting as the feminist arm of the American Humanist Association. FC focused on the advancement of women's rights and just relations between men and women in all aspects of society and adopted the philosophy of partnership as described in the works of Riane Eisler.

The principal efforts the FC were involved with included working for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution and promotion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Transition: Feminist Humanist Alliance (2016 - Present)

The evolution of institutions is inevitable. Strategic planning for organizational change is critical to enhance potential for success. This is what took place within the American Humanist Association in regards to the addition of an important dimension to our membership and work for justice and equality: Intersectionality.

The Feminist Caucus was formed out of need to address internal issues of disequilibrium within the AHA, as well as external issues of gender injustice in our society. While we have achieved much progress since our beginning 39 years ago, we recognize it’s necessary to expand our scope to be more inclusive and understanding of intersectionality within the movement.

This refinement in vision is reflected in FHA's more active partnership with outreach programs and social justice campaigns with distinctly inclusive feminist objectives.

Niki Massey, 1980 - 2016

Founding FHA advisory council member

In Memoriam

The Feminist Humanist Alliance is a national network of women, genderqueer and trans people committed to the principles of humanism and inclusive feminism. We strive for social progress through promoting critical consciousness and direct action.