The Feminist Humanist Alliance (FHA) is an adjunct organization of the American Humanist Association. This platform functions at the intersection of humanist philosophy and inclusive feminism.

We strive to build healthy communities that confront discrimination and oppression guided by the principles of intersectional feminism. In order to shape the world we want to live in, we are determined to engage inequality through compassion, education, and promoting social liberation.


We appreciate the fact that we don’t lead single-issue lives and that it's important to recognize the differences that make up each of our unique identities, experiences and worldviews.

Therefore, focus on sexism, ableism, misogyny, class inequality, racism, transantagonism, heteronormativity or homophobia to the exclusion of evaluating how these oppressive institutions “intersect” is a disservice to our goal of realizing social liberation for everyone.

There is a natural tie between humanist thought and support for social justice. The FHA uses this understanding and compassion to develop a critical consciousness of various forms of bigotry. We believe that liberating mindsours and the publicfrom casual biases and exclusionary attitudes is essential to broad social changes.

As community leaders, we feel it's our responsibility to observe values that routinely considers who is included and excluded in decision-making and activity we engage in. We seek to both respect and include the input, struggle and social context of trans women, people of color and gender queer persons so that our fight for social progress doesn't leave anyone behind.

The Feminist Humanist Alliance is a national network of women, genderqueer and trans people committed to the principles of humanism and inclusive feminism. We strive for social progress through promoting critical consciousness and direct action.